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Bunyad TCT

Apartment DESIGNS

The term ‘apartment’ refers to a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building, typically, on a single level. It is generally associated with North American real estate, although apartments have been common as far back as the Roman times. The term itself is thought to have originated in the mid-17th century, from the French word ‘appartement’ derived from the Italian ‘appartamento’ in turn derived from ‘appartare’, meaning ‘to separate’.

Bunyad TCT

Our Services

Our service range includes a wide range of independent house construction service, home building construction service, commercial building construction services, home construction service, commercial construction service and residential building construction services.

We focus on Quality Engineering and Customer Service

We recognize clients have a lot of choice in this marketplace for Apartment construction services. Our desire is to be a client’s first choice for Apartments construction projects that are challenging and require “out of the box” thinking

Our people have unperilled experience of successfully delivering challenging construction projects with complex requirements


We are always looking for new ways to improve what we do, and we welcome client feedbacks.


We care about your property and our work standard, and we will make you a home or workspace you can be proud of.


We take ownership of your project to deliver and maintain the highest standards of service and work.


We are driven and committed to providing excellence from start to finish. You can place your trust in us.

Bunyad TCT

What Customer Says

They have professional staff to complete their projects. Their management remain in touch for best possible results. I would like to appreciate their hard work. Highly recommend from my side.

Punjab Packeges

Every construction company is not same. They are best among top builders. I am ready to give them my business in future. I guess, proper understanding with work is their key point.

Mr. Iqbal

We gave them chance to construct my 2 Kanal house. We are really impressed after accomplishment of this project. They helped us in perfect manner. Highly recommend for projects.

Mr Hammad

I will say, they are expert in construction field. They understand requirements of client. I found there different plans and came to know, best and cost-effective builders in the town.

Mr. Hamza